3 More Things to Know When Dealing with Hospitals

This is Part 2 in our 2 part series on NEED TO KNOW: Hospitals. Here is the first entry: https://gunzburglaw.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/10-hospital-mistakes-to-watch-for/

11. … and a regular room-cleaning
Typically, a room is completely washed down between patients, but if you’re there for a few days, ask that frequently touched areas be disinfected. It’s not always done but should be, says Lisa McGiffert, director of Consumer Union’s Safe Patient Project. “Everything in the room could potentially spread infection,” she says.

12. Avoid these two surprising germ magnets
The elevator: It’s a favorite shot on Grey’s Anatomy–but ever notice how no one washes her hands before pressing the buttons? When you’re up again, use a tissue when handling publicly pawed buttons and knobs.
The Healthiest Time To do Everything
Your doctor’s tie or necklace: Doctors may come into contact with all kinds of deadly germs and can spread them to you. In a 2004 study, 20 out of 40 doctors’ ties were found to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. And a separate Emory University study found harmful staph bacteria on 17 out of 84 stethoscopes. Ask physicians to tuck dangling ties or necklaces into their coats, and have alcohol wipes at the ready to disinfect anything (like pens or medical instruments) that’s touched by many hands and may be contaminated with health hazards.

13. Prevent dangerous falls
Up to 30% of falls result in serious injury–and in hospitals, they often occur when you’re en route to the bathroom. Call for help if you’re unsteady on your feet. And even if you’re not, skidproof socks help on slippery hospital floors. Bring your own or ask an aide for a pair.

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