Case Study: New York City Failure to Diagnose Vulva Cancer Lawyer

Gunzburg Law just settled a Failure to Diagnose Cancer of the Female Vulva – and with a successful outcome for our client.  The day on which jury selection was to commence, the parties negotiated a settlement agreement that will see Client receive $1.2 million from malpractice insurance policies with $2.3 million in combined coverage.

Settlement $1,200,000
Case Client v. Dr. P (M.D.) and OBGYN Group Practice
Court Richmond Supreme
Date 3/5/2012


Plaintiff’s counsel argued that Dr. P’s negligent diagnosis had allowed Client’s cancer to spread to her lymph nodes, causing her staging to go from the second to the third stage. It was alleged that a more timely diagnosis would have prevented the necessity of treatments such as radical vulvectomy and radiation therapy.

The defense reasoned that there was no definitive medical proof that an earlier diagnosis would have made a difference with respect to either the treatment Client later received, or her ultimate prognosis.

Read the entire Case Study here.


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