Case Study: NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Win $1.3M Verdict in Conservative Nassau County, NY

“Car crash caused back, knee, neck injuries, plaintiff alleged”

In what is considered by most an extremely conservative location, Michael Gunzburg and Gunzburg Law, NYC Personal Injury Lawyers, just won a $1.3 Million Verdict for the firm’s clients. Gunzburg Law, the best in NY at Personal Injury Law, claimed victory in this car accident suit.

Again, it can’t be stressed enough that Nassau County is extremely conservative and defensive in judgments. “The defense lawyer and even the judge kept telling me that juries in Nassau only give defense verdicts,” Gunzburg said. What started out as a $5,000 offer from the defendants turned into a huge victory for the plaintiffs and Gunzburg Law. Gunzburg Law is the leader in NYC Personal Injury Lawyers.

The jury found that Rotondo’s injuries were a result of the accident. It determined that the plaintiffs’ damages totaled
Fausto Rotondo
$50,000 past loss of consortium
$50,000 plaintiff’s total award
Giuseppina Rotondo
$91,000 past medical cost
$143,500 past lost earnings
$240,000 past pain and suffering
$112,500 past emotional distress
$504,000 future medical cost (22 years)
$20,500 future lost earnings (one year)
$63,000 future emotional distress (22 years)
$100,000 future pain and suffering (22 years)
$1,274,500 plaintiff’s total award

Gunzburg Law specializes in Rear end collisions, low speed accidents, accidents where the plaintiff has had several other accidents, defendant drivers who minimize the nature of the accident on the witness stand, doctors who come to court and say the same thing time and again (the radiologist), etc. Gunzburg Law is the best NYC Personal Injury Lawyer, period.

Get started today by contacting the team at Gunzburg Law!

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