Cruise Ship Injury and What To Do

We handle maritime and admiralty personal injury claims against cruise lines and related companies. Representation may be available for passengers and crew members injured by accidents, assaults or illnesses while on cruise ships.

Cruise lines owe a non-delegable duty to protect their passengers from crew-member assaults and safely transport their cruise passengers. And unlike most defendants, cruise lines are often vicariously liable for the intentional wrongful acts of their crew members, whether or not the acts were committed within the scope of employment. We provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise required to fully protect their rights as passengers or employees of a cruise line.

If you or a member of your family were injured on a cruise ship and need a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Accidents and Illness
Cruise ship accidents and claims involve a part of maritime law that pertains to cruise ships only. While much of the general maritime law has general application to cruise ship matters, there are special laws that apply only to cruise ships. For example, cruise lines often limit the time within which a passenger may file a lawsuit against the cruise line to one year, even though the normal statute of limitations (time period to file a lawsuit) is generally three years (depending on the jurisdiction).

If you are injured while on a cruise line or you believe you contracted or suffered from an illness while on a cruise line, you need an experienced attorney who can navigate your claim through difficult waters.

Sexual Harassment and Assault on a Cruise Ship
We represent passengers and crew members who have been sexually harassed or assaulted on cruise ships, and we are able to handle even the most complex cases against the largest cruise line companies. These cases involve attacks by both passengers and crew members upon other passengers and crew members

General maritime laws, as well as state and federal law, impose strict liability on a cruise line company for sexual assault and sexual battery. Also, if a passenger or crewmember participates in any sexual act with a minor under the age of sixteen, this person has committed sexual assault or rape, regardless of whether the victim gave  their “consent.”

If you or a family member were sexually harassed or assaulted on a cruise ship, please contact us for a free initial consultation.


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