8 Must Follow Safety Tips for Roller Coaster Lovers

he next time that you embark on a day out in the park, follow a few safety tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • Listen to the ride operators’ instructions regarding safety equipment and how to enter and exit the ride.
  • Fasten available seatbelts, lap bars, and shoulder harnesses firmly, tug to ensure they are secure, and keep them fastened until the ride is complete.
  • Secure all loose articles such as sunglasses, cell phones, keys, hats, wallets, and other items in a zipped pocket, bag, or locker to avoid losing them or having them fly out during the ride and potentially injure other riders.
  • Do not attempt to take photos during the ride – it is easy for a camera to fall and break or cause injury.
  • Keep hands, arms, and legs inside the roller coaster car at all times to avoid hitting nearby supports, branches, and other objects.
  • Sit properly in the ride without twisting around, kneeling, or otherwise rearranging your body in a way that may compromise the effectiveness of the safety restraints.
  • If you do lose an object on the coaster, alert the ride operator but do not attempt to retrieve the object yourself, even if you can see it beneath the ride.
  • Never climb fences or otherwise enter restricted areas where the coaster or other dangerous equipment may be nearby.

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