Police Brutality – What You Need To Know

“We’d just beat people in general…to show who was in charge.” Sounds like an angry high school student or prison inmate, right? Think again. That’s former NYPD officer Bernard Cawley at the Mollen Commission hearings. He had a reputation so fierce for beating people up or “tuning them up” that he earned the nickname The Mechanic from his peers. The textbook definition of police brutality is the intentional use of excessive force, usually physical- by a police offier, prison officer or other law enforcement officer. Yet verbal attacks and psychological intimidation by a police officer can fall under this category as well. And all of it falls under the larger umbrella of “police misconduct” in New York.

If you or someone you know has sustained physical injuries from a police brutality case, contact a New York Police Brutality Lawyer at Michael Gunzburg, P. C. today.

Michael Gunzburg, P.C. are experienced New York police brutality lawyers familiar with the laws that govern such misconduct. Nothing is worse than being violated by the very people that the government hires to protect you. We understand the sensitive nature of going against the governmental authorities and as New York Police Brutality Lawyers we know how to navigate through the legal system and get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

We can offer victims of police mistreatment the following services:

Police Brutality
False Arrest
Police Assault
Police Battery
Police Civil Rights Abuse
One of New York City’s most famous Police Brutality cases involved Abner Louima. On August 9, 1997, police officers arrested Abner Louima outside a Brooklyn nightclub following an altercation between police and some club-goers. Louima was a legal Haitian immigrant. Police handcuffed Louima and took him to the station house, allegedly beating him along the way and one police officer was convicted of sodomizing Louima in the police station with a bathroom plunger. Mr. Louima sustained internal injuries including broken teeth and an inpatient hospital stay where he underwent surgery to repair the internal damage caused by the attack. On top of the police brutality issue, eleven NYPD members of various ranks faced disciplinary charges and sanctions for failing to provide information or were found lying to investigators. Lesser-known incidents that aren’t so widely publicized happen all the time. No matter how small or large your case may be, any form of police misconduct is a crime and the laws in New York frequently provide civil redress. You the need the wisdom and experience of Police Brutality Lawyers to help and guide you through the legal maze. Let our attorneys at Michael Gunzburg, P.C. bring justice to your case. We bring over twenty years of experience to the table.

We take on cases of all sizes and complexity against the New York City Police Department, and other governmental organizations. Various incidents can be labeled as police brutality, including: harassing, illegal searching or intimidating people just because they stand out, unjust use of a taser gun, physically mistreating or beating detainees, racially profiling or shooting and killing people when it’s not related to self-defense.

If you or someone you know has sustained physical injuries from a police brutality case, contact a New York Police Brutality Lawyer at Michael Gunzburg, P. C. today.

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