11 Easy Ways to Prevent an Accident on Vacation at a Tourist Destination

Whether you are a first time visitor to New York or a foreigner here on a more permanent basis, New York City travel guide, Heather Cross has some great safety tips that you can follow.

  • Avoid drawing attention to yourself as a tourist: don’t stand on street corners looking at maps and do your best to walk confidently, as this will deter many criminals.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • In crowded subways, keep your wallet in your front pocket, rather than the rear, and keep your purse closed and held in front of you or on the side.
  • Don’t flaunt jewelry, cameras or cash in public. If you need to organize your wallet, duck into a store.
  • Use caution when using ATMs and don’t carry too much cash around with you — most places accept credit cards and there are ATMs everywhere.
  • After dark, stick to main streets if you don’t know where you are going.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or lost, approach a police officer or a friendly store owner to get your bearings or directions.
  • When in doubt of your destination or the safety of a neighborhood, take a cab, especially late at night.
  • Many business districts are desolate at night — keep this in mind when deciding whether to walk or take a cab.
  • If taking the subway late at night, stand near the “During off hours trains stop here” sign or in view of the Metro-Card booth. Ride in cars with more people and preferably in the conductor’s car (you will see him look out the window of the train when it stops).
  • Call 911 (24 hours a day/7 days a week) when all else fails and you need emergency help. Otherwise call 311 for general information.

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