Summer Series: Avoiding Child Playground Accidents

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Child Playground Accidents

When you take your child out to a playground, you have their best interest at heart. You go to enjoy a sunny day, an outing with family and friends, or for some great exercise and leisure time with them outside of school. But some playground designers and equipment manufacturers don’t share your sentiments. Often construction playgrounds are built with shoddy construction, poor design and faulty equipment. There are guidelines for construction workers and designers to follow but on older playgrounds built before guidelines were in place, you may find that these play areas are unintentionally hot beds of danger.

If your child has been hurt at a playground due to the owner’s negligence, we can help! You need a New York City Child Playground Accident Lawyer. Call our experienced New York team of child playground accident lawyers today for your free initial phone consultation at 212-725-8500

An article in the New York Times cites four main factors behind New York City playground accidents:

1-How well playground equipment is installed and maintained (ex. Can your child’s head get stuck in a narrow opening?)
2-How children use the playground equipment
3-The design and arrangement of the playground equipment
4- The types of surfaces under playground equipment

Common hazards contributing to children’s playground accidents are: swings spaced too close together, climbing equipment taller than the recommended six feet, steep slides higher than six feet, dangerous equipment such as chains, S hooks or loose ropes left scattered around and equipment with jagged edges that can catch children’s clothing.

Once the playground is already built, you have no control over it. However, you do have control over the different playgrounds your child visits, and all it takes is a few minutes to scan the area with your eyes. Follow a few common-sense guidelines before you let your child play there. The best playgrounds have separate play areas for younger and older children. This allows them to have enough supervision and be around children of a similar size. There should also be enough space for children to move freely around the equipment and each other so they can avoid collisions. Don’t allow your kids to play on playgrounds with damaged equipment or if you see that the playground is too near to a roadway.

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