Summer Series: Child Camping Safety

Summer is here and with it comes great weather, vacations, outdoor activities, and an overall good time.  Gunzburg Law of New York is hosting a Summer Series: articles that can help you stay safe and prepared for your upcoming summer adventures.  Check back regularly or subscribe to our feed for more Summer Series articles!  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @GunzburgLawNY

Under most circumstances, a camping trip produces little anxiety for a family.  Save the occasional pesky mosquitoes and ants, there are typically few things to worry about.  But the great outdoors produces great unknowns, and some things can cause more problems on your child’s camping trip than mere mosquitoes.  Slips and falls, falling trees, lightening storms, drownings, concussions, hypothermia and animal attacks are some of the more serious hazards of camping.  Twisted ankles are one of the most common ailments encountered on children’s camping adventures.  Hiking through unknown terrain can be a recipe for disaster if kids are eager to play and not paying attention to the ground under their feet. A known decaying tree can fall and cause injuries.  If your child or family member has been injured while camping, call an experienced Child Camping Accident Lawyer in New York.  Michael Gunzburg, P.C.  has experience in New York Camping Accident Laws.  We know that there’s nothing more frustrating than needing answers quickly during a time of crises. Find out your legal rights and what type of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

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We recognize that even the best laid plans can go awry.  That’s the very nature of an accident-it’s often unpredictable.  Consider the randomness of a recent case in 2006 where Jose Cruz was fatally shot while using the outhouse at a camp in Columbia, New York!  If your child has suffered an unpredictable accident, they deserve the help of an experienced law firm like Michael Gunzburg, P.C.  We have a select, dedicated group of qualified Child Camping Accident Lawyers ready to hear from you and assist you with your case.  Our New York Children’s Camping Accident Lawyers know the current legal lingo and who’s responsible for your child and family’s misfortune.  We’ll help you recover the most money that you’re entitled to, and we’ll do it with the personal attention you deserve.

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