Summer Series: Avoiding Injury at the Water Park

Summer is here and with it comes great weather, vacations, outdoor activities, and an overall good time.  Gunzburg Law of New York is hosting a Summer Series: articles that can help you stay safe and prepared for your upcoming summer adventures.  Check back regularly or subscribe to our feed for more Summer Series articles!  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @GunzburgLawNY

Accidents at Water Parks are also common and easily preventable. Steps can be slippery and dangerous due to black algae and lack of proper maintenance. The most common accidents at Water Parks are user’s body hitting something, collisions of two or more riders, tubes flipping over, and loading and unloading incidents. When the levels of Chlorine are not properly regulated by their operators, people have even gotten sick from high levels of bacteria in the water. Riders can also get seriously injured while going down a huge drop slide and unable to protect their crotch area experiencing a “Douche Injury,” which is painful and sometimes causes permanent injuries. The owners and operators of Water Parks are in the best position to protect users from these obvious and well known dangers of serious injury and death.

Check out these great Water Park Safety Tips:

Have you or someone you know been involved in an aquatic injury and seeking compensation? Our experienced and knowledgeable New York aquatic injury attorney can help you with your legal claim today!

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