Sexual Assault More Common on Cruise Ships

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What to do if you are sexually assaulted on a cruise line:

  1. Immediately report the incident to the cruise line security.
  2. Go to the ship’s medical center or infirmary immediately for treatment of any physical injuries.
  3. Make sure you obtain the names of all crew members involved, including the perpetrator (if possible), security officer(s) and medical staff.
  4. Make sure you obtain all the names and contact information of any passengers or crew members that may have witnessed the assault or have any knowledge whatsoever about it.
  5. Report the assault to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
  6. Go immediately to the nearest hospital’s rape treatment center or emergency room.
  7. Take photographs of any visible injuries and the area of your body where the assault occurred.
  8. Seek psychological counseling.

Helpful Websites:

  • The International Cruise Victims Association represents victims of crimes on cruise ships, their families and friends, and individuals concerned about the problems of victimization and disappearances on cruise ships. With several hundred members, the organization advocates for legislative reform to protect passengers from crimes and increase the rights of victims of crimes that do occur on cruise ships, and provides support to victims of crimes occurring on cruise ships. The goal of the organization is to contribute to a growing cruise industry where passengers and crew members are safe and secure from victimization while onboard a cruise ship.
  • Cruise Ship Rape & Sexual Assault Support Center is a forum dedicated to the female and male victims of rape and sexual assault on cruise lines.

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