Preventative Measures for Safe Summer Train Riding in New York

Summer is here and with it comes great weather, vacations, outdoor activities, and an overall good time.  Gunzburg Law of New York is hosting a Summer Series: articles that can help you stay safe and prepared for your upcoming summer adventures.  Check back regularly or subscribe to our feed for more Summer Series articles!  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @GunzburgLawNY

You can take some preventative measures with train safety by following a few tips for you and your child from the Metropolitan Transit Authority:

  • Stay behind the yellow caution lines while trains approach.
  • During off-hours, avoid standing at the end of subway platforms or on an empty platform. Instead, wait in the Off-Hours Waiting Area which is generally located on the mezzanine level, near a station booth.
  • Never place a stroller between subway doors to hold them open.
  • When you’re on the platform, keep the stroller away from the edge and apply the stroller brake. Subway platforms tilt toward the tracks to allow for drainage, and the stroller could roll onto the tracks.
  • Do not surf between subway cars. When trains go around sharp angles, you could be thrown on to the tracks. Furthermore, it’s illegal for you to do it.

For high-speed rail trains, Dallas Area Rapid Transit system offers some good advice that transcends state lines:

  • Talk to your children about crossing tracks safely – “Stop, look and listen” is an important message for them to understand.
  • Teach them about electricity and that playing near tracks is very dangerous.
  • Hold children’s hands when crossing the street or tracks together.
  • Take a field trip and go exploring, scheduling time to show your children rail tracks and the areas where it is safe to be and those where it is not safe.

As a parent, you have your hands full just making sure your child stays safe. We are parents too, and understand that. If your child has been unfortunately involved in a train or subway accident, we have experienced children train accident lawyers and child subway train accident lawyers here to assist you in anyway. The laws are always changing but our commitment to you and your family remains the same. Experience the difference that a dynamic and attentive New York Train Accident Law Firm can bring to you, your family and your case. Call us for a free initial consultation at 212-725-8500.

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