New York Surgical Mistakes At A Startling Rate

Surgical mistakes occur at a startling rate in hospitals across the country, including New York. While most emphasis is placed on heinous errors such as the amputation of the wrong limb, there are more widespread surgical mistakes made on a day-to-day basis.

Some common New York surgical mistakes include:

  • nerves hit or severed
  • organs damaged
  • improperly monitored vital signs
  • equipment failure
  • improper incisions and sutures
  • leaving tools or other objects inside the patient
  • operating on the wrong body part
  • incorrectly administering anesthesia

A study has indicated that wrong-side/wrong-site, wrong-procedure, and wrong-patient surgeries occur between 1,300 and 2,700 times a year. Considering the commonality of this mistake, the reasons for their occurances are unknown.

Wrong-side/wrong-site, wrong-procedure, and wrong-patient events (WSPEs) are more common than realized, with little evidence that current prevention practice is adequate. Analysis of these mistakes have shown that these mistakes occur across all specialties, with high numbers noted in orthopedic and dental surgery. There are ways to prevent a WSPE from occurring. Make sure that your doctor is taking the right pre-surgery steps necessary to ensure that your surgery is successful.

Before surgery your doctor should:

  • mark the operative site with an indelible pen or marker
  • make a checklist using your records, imaging studies, and informed-consent form
  • verify that they know who you are by asking your name and/or checking your hospital identification bracelet
  • confirm that all of your allergies to medication and your medical history are well known among the members of the surgical team
  • Are you or someone you know a vicitm of a New York surgical mistake? If so, contact us regarding your New York surgical mistake claim today!
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