Preventative Measures to Reduce Injury Risk in Child Car Accidents

There are preventative measures you can take to reduce the risks of your child being hurt. As a general rule, children should use their convertible child safety seats until their ears reach the top of the back of the safety seat and their shoulders are above the top strap slots. If they’ve outgrown their car seat it’s time to get a new one or graduate them up to a seat belt. To get more information call a New York City Child Car Accident Lawyer.

When using a seat belt on them, make sure to position booster seats underneath them so that they are elevated sufficiently enough for the safety belt to fit properly. Booster seats should always be used with a lap/shoulder belt. High-back booster seats are best in vehicles with little or no head support. Children who are at least 35″ tall, should use the 5-point harness until they weigh 40 pounds. Then they can use the lap/shoulder belt to secure themselves and the booster seat. Young children under 12 years old should ride in the back seat whenever possible. This is especially important in cars with airbags. Sitting in the rear of the car instead of the front reduces fatal injury risk by almost one third among children 12 and younger.

But there are many factors outside of your control that can cause your child to be in a car accident. As New York City Child Car Accident Lawyers, we understand these factors. Distracted drivers pose a great risk to you and your child. If they’re too busy tuning their radios or talking on the phone, their reaction time is impaired and you have a greater chance of being hit. Someone could also be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, cruising at excessive speeds or driving after a long shift at work when they aren’t 100% tuned in to the road. How often have you seen people put off car repairs because they don’t want to shell out the money? If someone is driving a car with mechanical failures like a flat tire, brake failure, axle failure or steering mechanism failure and they’re out on the road with you-they’ve just put you and your child at a greater risk for an accident. Bad road conditions like rain, ice and snow along with the famous New York city potholes just add to the mix.

During a crisis, the last thing you want to feel like is that you are just another case number at a large firm. You need personal attention, and at the New York law firm of Michael Gunzburg you’ll get it. Call our experienced team of New York City Child Car Accident Lawyers today at 212-725-8500 or visit us online at and experience our personalized approach for yourself.

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