9 Common Causes for Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian knockdowns usually occur when a distracted driver pays little or no attention to people using marked crosswalks or standing near intersections, stop signs or traffic signals. Reckless and distracted drivers who hit pedestrians should be held liable for the physical and emotional damage they cause, including injuries such as head trauma, disfigurement, fractures, back and neck injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia and even death.

Here are 9 common causes of Pedestrian Accidents. Know these and have a greater chance of avoiding them!

1. Disregarding a Crosswalk – Drivers who don’t pay attention to crosswalks, whether at intersections or at other points in the roadway, create a significant risk of accident. Drivers should exercise appropriate care that pedestrians are not crossing the road before passing through a designated crosswalk.

2. Disregarding a Traffic Control Device – When drivers ignore traffic controls, particularly those which specifically relate to pedestrian traffic, they significantly increase the chances of an accident.

3. Disregarding a Pedestrian Already Crossing the Roadway – When a pedestrian in the roadway ahead of a car is obviously crossing the road, or has entered the driver’s lane while in the process of crossing the road, drivers should exercise appropriate caution and should yield as necessary to avoid accident.

4. Driving While Intoxicated – Drunk drivers pose a high risk of injury to pedestrians, and there are many notorious cases where drunk drivers have caused accidents, striking pedestrians on sidewalks.

5. Passing a School Bus – When drivers overlook or ignore the red, flashing overhead lights on a school bus, their passing of a school bus creates a high risk of injury to children who may be disembarking from the bus.

6. Pedestrians who ignore the “walk” signal at an intersection

7. Pedestrians who enter a stream of traffic and disrupt the flow

8. Pedestrians who fail to use marked cross walks

9. Pedestrians who “dart” in front of a vehicle

As you can see, both the pedestrian and the driver can cause Pedestrian Accidents. Are you or someone you know a victim of a pedestrian accident? If so, contact us for a free consultation today!

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